This kind of foil is wound up into rolls. The rolls are provided with identification labels and placed in an upright position on 1,200 mm x 800 mm pallets. If the rolls are stored in layers, the top layer is fixed by PP tape to prevent it from collapsing. The pallet is provided with identification data and fixed using stretch foil. If the rolls cannot be placed in an upright position, they are stacked in a pyramid (the bottom roll layer is secured against displacement by wooden blocks) and wrapped in PP tape. The pallet is fixed using stretch film.
EVAC foil

Thickness (mm) 1,1 ± 0,2
Width (mm) 504 (+0, -2)
Length (mm) 1504 (+20, -0)
Outer roll winding diameter (mm) 54 ± 2
Roll weight (g) 540 ± 20

Note: The foil can also be made in other dimensions mutually agreed in advance.
The foil, formatted into blanks according to the table of dimensions, is wound up into rolls. The rolls are provided with instructions for use and the foil´s name is placed over the full width of such instructions via printed PP film and then it is stored in cardboard boxes. Each box is provided with an identification label with information according to IKEA and placed on a pallet (loading ledge). The handling unit is fixed by wrapping it with stretch PE film.

PET sheet
The pad is appended with a sheet of paper, stuck on with adhesive tape. It is put in a PE bag, on which the standard recycling sign is printed. A self-adhesive label is stuck on the bag, which is sealed by thermal welding. The pads are stacked on a pallet in the specified amount, packed in corrugated cardboard boxes and fixed using corner braces, stretch film and PP tape or packed in cardboard boxes. The boxes are placed on the pallet and fixed to it by PP tape and stretch film. In certain cases, the pads are put in corrugated cardboard boxes and the package is provided with specific marking required by the customer (for example, specification of the unloading site). If necessary, other packing and marking methods can be agreed in the purchase contract.