Our warning (caution) foils are made from PE (polyethylene) by extrusion technology. They are produced in various coloured designs, with single- or double-sided pattern, with micro-perforations or without perforation. They serve to highlight and warn about the existence of cable routes and other conduits embedded in ground foundations, etc. These foils do not provide mechanical protection of such networks.


(product name)
Finish Thickness
LDPE dr.1231 Smooth 0.4 – 2.5 190 – 350 25 – 140
Designed 1.2 – 2.5


Colour distinction of warning foils according to their use

  • Foil colour must be selected according to the type of the conduit indicated.
Colour Use Colour Use
Red Heavy current (power) cables Blue Railway safety and communication cables
Orange Communication cables, cable ducts Green Heat distribution systems (duct free)
Yellow Gas line pipes Brown Long distance distribution systems of combustible liquids
White Water mains Black Long distance distribution systems of combustible hydrocarbon liquid gases


Optional design:

  • Colour – red as a standard colour, other colours based on customer requirements .
  • Smooth or one-sided or two-sided pattern.
  • Possibility of micro-perforations.
  • Possibility of ink-jet printing, or die-cutting theme (such as lightning).



  • Leaflet Fatra Warning foils
    • Leaflet Fatra Warning foils
    • Leaflet Fatra Warning foils


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