Tests and laboratory equipment

The purpose of quality control is to ensure that each of the products corresponds to the customer requirements for properties, durability, appearance and ease of maintenance and complies with the applicable legal regulations.

Quality of production is controlled by:

  • input material inspection and testing
  • final product inspection and testing
  • material research and development


  • Appearance, quality of work and colour-ing
    • The sheets are subjected to visual examination for compliance with relevant enterprise standard articles (PND) and reference sample. Deviation in colouring is assessed in accordance with ČSN EN 20105-A02.
  • Dimensions
    • The sheet´s width and, if appropriate, length (in the case of blanks) is (are) assessed in accordance with internal enterprise standard. The thickness is measured in accordance with ČSN 64 0181, Method A .
  • Flatness (warping)
    • In accordance with internal enterprise standard.