• Our recycling line can process up to 3 500 tonnes of material per year
  • At least 61.7 % of energy comes from renewable sources
  • CZK 30 million per year invested in new product development

Sustainable development has one fundamental goal – to meet the needs of today in a way that does not compromise the needs of future generations. This means optimally reconciling economic development, social progress and respect for the environment. Behave responsibly towards people, conserve natural resources and minimise the impact of human activities on the environment.


  • Production efficiency, rational use of raw materials
  • Production of quality products, ensuring long product lifetime
  • Innovation and product development with regard to the efficient use of raw materials and energy
  • Strict criteria for input, output and process controls
  • Customized system solutions and product manufacturing


  • Responsible use of raw materials and energy resources, reduction of energy consumption
  • Waste minimisation, waste sorting
  • Internal recycling of raw materials, material take-back, use of recycled materials in product manufacturing
  • Efforts to minimize environmental impacts, reduce emissions
  • Regular audits and certifications


  • Continuous improvement of working conditions and safety at work
  • Staff education, training and professional development
  • Promoting social engagement, cultural, sporting and social activities
  • Strengthening team spirit and sharing company values


The production of products in accordance with the principles of sustainability is based on our own research and development department.

We use the experience of our specialists and modern instrumentation to successfully meet our sustainability goals. As a result, we are able to develop compounds, design and verify structures and tailor product properties to meet the demands of the end application.


  • Development of new products with an emphasis on recyclability (choosing suitable raw materials, etc.)
  • Formula development using special additives to improve the recycling process and recyclate properties
  • Increasing the use of recyclate in own products.


The design of the products and their properties not only meet the requirements of the relevant standards for physical and mechanical and other properties, but we place great emphasis on the long service life of the products, which significantly contributes to reducing the consumption of raw materials.


  • Processing of our own regranulate – more than half of our products are made of 100 % regranulate
  • Development of new products with a high proportion of internal returnable materials and waste in response to customer requirements for sustainable and recycled-based products
  • Targeted use of sustainable raw materials and materials in response to customer requirements
  • In cooperation with customers – a gradual reduction in the amount of packaging material used for the product.


  • Waste-free production: most of the process waste (cuttings, etc.) generated during production is shredded, reprocessed and put back into the production process. The absolute minimum of unusable material is landfilled. Despite this, Fatra is still looking for new ways to utilise 100% of its internal (process) waste
  • Circular economy: our own recycling technology allows us to bring used plastic packaging materials back to life: plastic packaging → sorted plastic waste → plastic waste recycling → regranulate usable for products or new packaging.


Fatra operates a recycling facility that enables the processing of internal process and external plastic waste based on PP, PE, EVAc. It outputs regranulate of high purity and quality, which is suitable for further processing into products.

  • The recycling line processed 2 000 tonnes of waste plastics in 2021. The capacity of the line is 180 – 240 tonnes per month
  • The facility is used to process internal process waste (mainly from PE film production) and external waste (market packaging buy-back) + separated plastic waste from waste management companies
  • The recycling line also processes purchased material from various EU manufacturers (fibres, packaging, etc.) or separated plastic waste from recycling companies.


In our products, we use both our own regranulate (from process waste) and external regranulate to the maximum extent, thus significantly reducing the consumption of primary raw materials.  

We have our own processing technologies (crushing, separation, regranulation) to reuse our internal process waste, which we are constantly expanding. Therefore, our production of special extruded and injection moulded products is waste-free.

We offer our customers buy-back of plastic waste (PP, PE, PP/PE, EVAc) in the form of films, rolls, production waste, etc. Using modern technology, we then process this material and reuse it in new products. Thanks to the recycling line, we help to reduce the amount of waste and turn it back into material that can be used for further production.


Bureau Veritas

Environmental protection has long been a major focus of our attention. We have a certified quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and an environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016.

Responsible Care

We are guided by the principles of the Responsible Care programme, in which, as a member of the Chemical Industry Association of the Czech Republic, we undertake to manage our activities in such a way as to ensure a high level of sustainable development by responsibly improving the safety of our facilities, product transportation, human health and environmental protection. Thanks to our long-term compliance with these criteria, we have been granted the prestigious “Sustainable Development Award“.


All raw materials we use are fully in accordance with the REACH legislation on chemicals.


The AEO certificate confirms that our internal processes (security in the areas of logistics, facilities management, customs, IT, HR, sales, purchasing, service provision, access rights, document management, accounting, taxes, etc.) meet the strict criteria set by the European Union and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. This certification offers advantages in trading within the European Union, but also in overseas destinations.