New website for EXTRUSION

New website for EXTRUSION

In order to simplify searching for our products and services, we are creating websites for the individual segments of our production,
This time we are concentrating on foils from HDPE/LDPE, EVAC anti-slip foil and PET sheets.
In this way we support better orientation on our websites. Each one has a description of the given product, the possible uses of the resulting products and also information about services, information about quality and the packaging of products.


Our website is devoted to the manufacture of extruded foils and PE sheets and anti-slip material made from PET and EVAC.
The most common products produced from PE include PE foils and PE sheets, they are used for insulation of buildins against humidity, as pads in packaging, base materiál for palettes as well as for cut-outs and stiffeners for haberdashery. We also offer the manufacture of warning foils, they serve as an indication and warning of the existence of cable routes.
Anti-slip materials made from PET and EVAC are used as protective sheets on floors and anti-slip foil on kitchen shelves and cupboards.
Extruded plastic products are used in the household, haberdashery, as packaging material, further in building, automotive or electro-industry, in agriculture, for technical applications and consumer industry.
You can find more on the extrusion of plastic, bespoke formatting, services and product testing on the new website:

Fatra is widening in october its portfolio of product webs

  • – BO PET films and laminates for flexible packages and industrial applications
  • – breathable films and laminates for hygiene (baby diapers, sanitary towels, incontinence)
  • – granulate from plasticised and unplasticised PVC – for extrusion / co-extrusion, injection moulding, pressing
  • – traditional PVC formed packages for food and technical purposes
  • – injection moulding on own / supplied moulds + offering of our injected products (plastic crate, floor tiles, plastic plugs, boxes)
  • – regranulation + offering of re-granulates – including plastic waste buyout